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Bag a hot girl at a bar Bag a hot girl at a bar

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well, I've gotta say, I wasn't expecting that. I had to refrain from giving you straight fives due to laughing so hard. But my objectivity... must.... be.... maintained!


Well, the animation was good, the tweens of the nerd character could probably have been a bit more fluid, but otherwise it was all good. The art style isn't my personal cup of tea, but it works.

My main gripe with this is the lack of sound and music. Perhaps some intermission-style music during the 'What not to do' and 'How hot chicks like it' text parts would've been good, some bar sound effects and dance music during the actual animation, etc.

As it stands though, protected for great justice!

raremasta responds:

You're right, I am missing many sounds, and i think the bar background music wasn't best or high enough haha. thanks for the tips dude :D

Spider Powers 9 Spider Powers 9

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This was pretty amusing, the animation was fluid and the voice acting was good. In several scenes, I felt that a better background would've set the scene well, such as a visible office environment in the background as he comes through the door, but that's just a minor gripe.

My main complaint is the disparity in the voice volumes between the male and female characters; her voice was way too loud in comparison to his voice, but the characters were well acted, and the lip-sync was good.

All in all, I liked it. Keep up the good work!

Eye Eye

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

There really isn't too much to say. It's an eye, and it's crying.

The animation, as you say, is quite fluid (UCWATIDIDTHER), personally I would've put some effort into mixing it up a little, such as animating a periodic blink, perhaps make the tears well up at the bottom with a little more motion. The teardrop itself is probably a little bit too large to me, as well.

So much for not too much to say. But as it stands, I'd say it's been a successful test. Now implement it into something a bit more grandiose ;)

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Skyoung94 responds:

Thanks for a kind review! The tear drop is large because I wanted to be a bit arty, hence huge round eye, but, for the welling up and blinking, yes. I basically ran out of time/will as I'm starting college this Monday and am trying desperately to wrap up as many of my little projects as I can. So, yes, I could have put in more effort there. I'm still pretty proud of it though! It's the first time I've done water and framerates higher than 12fps. :D



Rated 5 / 5 stars

So this is the first thing I see on NG after a couple of years absence.

Business as usual then.

Yet Another Day Yet Another Day

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Made my day a lot brighter!

I really liked this movie. I love your style of drawing, the music you used, and some parts really did make me laugh out aloud.

Graphics: Very nice. I'm a big fan of the anime style, so you definitely get bias points for that ;) Well done!

Style: It was well animated, although it seemed a bit fast paced for me. As said above, the anime style is always good in my books, so that makes up for anything bad (was there?) there may bave been.

Sound: I think I'll take your advice and go out and buy the CD. I loved the song that you used in the main movie, and the song in the credits was pretty cool, too. Very good!

Violence: She jumped on the poor guy! :'(

Interactivity: Don't expect a high score just because I liked the movie :P

Humor: A couple of parts really did make me laugh out aloud. The "UR MOM >:(" and "COLD owned" parts in particular. The whole movie had a very positive feel to it, which I absolutely loved. However it wasn't funny enough to get a really high score.

Overall... I really enjoyed watching this movie. You had it all... except maybe interactivity, violence and length. But who cares? It was well animated, stylish, sounded good and had a couple of major LOL points for me ^_^ I'm hoping to see more!

8.5/10 (VERY GOOD!)

: :

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well... it's a sprite movie.

I'm not to big on sprite movies, especially unfinished ones. This was good, but would have been a lot better if completed.

Graphics: Sprites. I liked the background in the Sonic part, and the sprites seemed above average quality. However, the graphics were unoriginal in the sense that they were just sprites.

Style: Extra point because I liked the Sonic background. You should probably add some effects somewhere along the line, too.

Sound: I don't listen to System of a Down much, but I liked the song. It definitely set the feel of the movie, very fast and intense. It was also quite clear.

Violence: Well... Samus got jumped on.

Interactivity: "PLAY".

Humor: None. I can't see how you could put any in, either, sorry.

Overall, this needs completion. As stated above, I'm not a fan of sprite movies, but there are a lot of people who are. Add some effects and possibly some sound other than music. Other than that, smooth animation, cool music and nice background. Pretty good.

7.5/10 (PRETTY GOOD!)

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Murray responds:

I know it would've been better if it was completed. Sprites are what I will use in future flashes. I know I could try a bit better on them, but there were some parts to try and fix that put me off. :S

The humour, well, I don't usually aim to try and be funny, but if people say it's funny or not, I'm fine with it. Thanks for that good review! :D

Transitions Episode 1 Transitions Episode 1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Been looking forward to this since the trailer!

This is one of the best flashes I've seen lately. I thought the trailer was excellent, so naturally I was looking forward to the full movie. I wasn't disappointed with any aspect of this movie, except maybe length, but we can't have everything...

Graphics: I love this style. A few little thinks stood out to me, like the use of anime-styled people in some parts of this, such as the Twi'lek hooker scene. The effects were well done, and I loved the smoothnes of the animation. Be very proud of yourself.

Style: You get extra points for things like the lightsaber effects and the smoothness of the animation and special effects. Although a few more ships in the opening battle wouldn't have hurt, though (what's that doing in "style"?).

Sound: Star Wars music is always great ^_^ The voices were cool, the sound effects were very good, so overall, very nice! One thing I feel could be improved is the fuzziness of some of the voices, like in the start, and when Darth Vader starts talking. But still very good.

Violence: I'm watching the fight scene as I write this. It just occured to me how nicely animated that part was. A little lightsaber dismsmberment here and there wouldn't have hurt though. I liked the use of "Ace of Spades" for the "main fight", it just seems proper, somehow. I liked the movements of the jedi and the clone troopers. Hoping for some lightsaber duels in the next one!

Interactivity: It's a movie. M-O-V-I-E. Not a game.

Humor: I liked some of the little details you put into this, such as Mace's *bling*bling* to name one. The Darth Vader custom shop scene was good, too. I thought this was one of the funnier Star Wars movies I've seen, so yeah. The Twi'lek hooker scene was really cool, too. Very good job!

Overall, you get 9. It had it all... graphics, sound, violence, humor and style. I left interactivity out for obvious reasons :p
In fact, the only thing dragging this down was the length, and once the series is complete, that won't even be a problem anymore.

Looking forward to the next installment!


Brand-new-hero responds:

its in depth reviews like this that really help. thanks for the time you spent collecting your thoughts, i'm very pleased you enjoyed it and felt it lived up to the trailers hype. That means alot to me. the next episode will feature full on full episode combat with not only clones but the sith warrior as well. However, you'll have to wait for that...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not the most graphically impressive, but good.

This is definitely not the best thing I've ever seen here, but the pacing and incredible action sequences make up for it.

Graphics: Well, I didn't like a lot of the drawings, especially the people. For example, the guy at the start of Act II in the yellow shirt. His face was just plain strange. On the plus side, I loved the main character's face. Good, but not the best.

Style: You get the extra point over graphicss because of the 3D cars. They added a lot extra to the movie; the car chase was an amazing sequence.
Other than that, see "Graphics."

Sound: The music fit in almost perfectly. The gun sound effects were clean, and I particularly liked the slow-motion scream-thing at the end of Act III. Nice.

Violence: Oh yeah. The action scenes were the movie's saving grace. So what if the gore was unrealistic? It wasn't meant to be. I personally don't give a shit about the realism of the violence. The truth is, this movie is a hell of a lot of fun to watch, realistic or not. And the car chase rocked the house. Plain and simple. Be proud of yourself. Extra points for the head exploding >:)

Interactivity: A play button AND a scene selection! Other than that, nothing special.

Humor: None whatsoever, but amazingly entertaining, which is why you get the 2. Nice job on the violence.

Overall, you get a 7.5. I understand that this is an old movie that you decided to finish (?), and it was lots of fun to watch, but personally, I prefer XIN. And needless to say, Act III was the best part of this.
It'd still be great if you made this into an actual series, each movie being a seperate "mission". That'd be great.
Aside from my complaints, I thought this was very nice.

7.5/10 (PRETTY GOOD!)

Ohne Dich Ohne Dich

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Bad looking, nice sounding. Needs a lot of work.

The only reason I ended up on this movie was because the title was "Ohne Dich". And we all know how much I love Rammstein...
I feel it could have been improved in a lot of ways, some fairly major, which I will point out.

Graphics: Oh come on. It wouldn't have killed you to put a bit more detail into these, would it? That style is very, VERY overused, although not in this kind of movie. Personally (even though I can't animate it), I would have gone for a darker look throughout the whole thing, maybe just keeping it to shades of grey. It may have fit better with the whole theme of "misery" (only word I can think of, ok?) than Mr. Potato Head killing himself. Just a thought.

Style: Honestly, I hate the look of this. For one thing, the horrible looking characters. And, another, the awful walking animation at the start. No offence, but I thought that people actually had two legs...
And, as said above, I feel that the graphics were too bright and "cartoonish" for the theme of the movie. If, as I understand, it is about depression, it shouldn't really be that colourful. I think "noir" is the term.

Sound: I love the sound of Till Lindemann's voice. And Rammstein in general. I can't understand German, but I know what the chorus means, and it seemed to fit well. As I said before (just to rub it in), if you'd given it more realistic graphics and made the theme darker, you would have got a better sound mark, as well as overall. Despite my prejudices, you still get a low score as it didn't fit the graphics.

Violence: Mr. Potato Head killed himself. HardXcorE. Seriously, this would've been a lot better if the characters actually looked like real people. CHANGE THAT. Please.

Interactivity: I wasn't expecting any. As usual...

Humor: This is the one place you (and I) can be thankful for a low score. You obviously meant this to be emotional, and I can't say that it wasn't. But, I'm sorry, coloured blobs just do not cut it when it comes to representing emotion.
That being said, it is definitely not the worst thing I've ever seen.

Overall, you get a six. Now, assuming that this is your first flash, I have to congratulate you (hell, if only I was this good when I started animating...), but for me, it just wasn't good enough.
Take into consideration everything I have said here, and I don't care how long it takes you to make, but change the characters, colors and add some camera angles. I know it may be asking a bit much, but I'll guarentee that it'll be recieved a lot better than this. And from what I can tell, this was recieved fairly well...

Just consider my advice, devote some time to it, and good luck!

6/10 (GOOD)

Furnix responds:

WOW! Thats the longest review i ever did see. umm yer i am pondering weather to remake it with better graphics and that, but it never occured to me to dum down the colours and its a good idea. and alot of ppl hav said make it look like ppl so i will. also i drew them like that coz i am lazy i cant b botherd animating arms and legs lol. um this is my third submition to ng, my first if any one saw it they might wana kill me was "Nursing Home" lol umm yer so i'll get on that remake for sure. thanks for the advice

My BattleField: Shorty My BattleField: Shorty

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A short stick movie... but a decent one.

Stick figures. I personally don't like them, but if they're presented like this, I'll make an exception. It was, unfortunately, too short to really stand out above the regular NG stick movie. You should improve that.

Graphics: Stick figures, however well animated, are never going to be recieved well on Newgrounds. The graphics in this were, overall good, but the stick figures prevent you from gaining a higher score. Perhaps you should try tracing over the stick figures in future.

Style: See above. Stick men are not the best form of animation ever, and never wil be. However, the animation was smooth, so that was good. And I really liked the (actionscripted?) snow that was falling throughout the movie.

Sound: CS sound effects. Nothing special, but at least they fit in with the movie. Once again, nothing special.

Violence: Pretty smooth, and if I'm not much mistaken you were attempting a bullet time/slow-mo effect. It looked like that, in any case. Nothing special...

Interactivity: I'm sure everyone who reads my reviews knows what I'm going to say in advance.

Humor: None to speak of.

Overall, you get a 5. It was a well-animated movie, but the stick figures and length let it down considerably. In future, perhaps trace over the sticks, add some music, make it longer and perhaps, make it a SWAT type scenario. Otherwise, it was good. Looking forward to seeing more.

BTW: You've inspired me to make my own CS/SWAT flash. Thanks!

5/10 (DECENT)